In L4D11TY, there are 6 weapon classes. Pistols, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and LMG's. Each tier a new weapon variant is introduced for each class.

Pistols Edit

Pistols are the basic secondary weapon. They have unlimited ammunition except in Realism mode. They provide basic backup capabilities, and the later ones available can even provide a replacement for primary weapons.

Tier 1: Beretta M92F

Tier 2: H&K USP.45

Tier 3: Colt M1911

Tier 4 IWI Desert Eagle

Tier 5: S&W M500

Tier 6: Gauss Pistol

Shotguns Edit

Shotguns are the perfect close range weapon. While not having much in the way of accuracy/range, they can tear apart even Advanced Infected hordes in a matter of seconds. The earliest shotgun, the Mossberg 500, is the only shotgun with a long reload time due to it require individual shells to be loaded.

Tier 1: Mossberg 500

Tier 2: Saiga-12

Tier 3: SPAS-15

Tier 4: USAS-12

Tier 5: AA-12

Tier 6: Triple-Barrel Shotgun

Submachine GunsEdit

Submachine Guns don't have any major advantages over Assault Rifles in this game, they do however provide higher rates of fire, less weight, cheaper ammunition and modifications at the cost of accuracy and range.

Tier 1: Steyr TMP

Tier 2: H&K MP5K

Tier 3: H&K MP5

Tier 4: TDI Vector

Tier 5: H&K UMP45

Tier 6: FN P90 TACMOD

Assault Rifles Edit

Assault Rifles are the primary weapon of most factions in the game. They provide decent magazine size, range, damage and accuracy. All Assault Rifles are generally expensive, but attacking any faction can yield an Assault Rifle or 6 for looting.

Tier 1: Colt M4A1/Colt M16A4

Tier 2: L85A2/FAMAS

Tier 3: SIG-Sauer SIG556/FN SCAR-L

Tier 4: Steyr AUG A3/H&K SL8

Tier 5: H&K HK417/FN SCAR-H

Tier 6: M41A Pulse Rifle

Light Machine Guns Edit

Light Machine Guns are generally are risk/reward weapon. While they provide higher damage output and rate of fire than Assault Rifles, they are less accurate, and also heavy, meaning you will be slowed down when using them.

Tier 1: RPK

Tier 2: Colt M16A3 LSW


Tier 4: H&K MG4

Tier 5: FN Mk48Mod1

Tier 6: Bolt-Gun Minimi

Sniper Rifles Edit

Sniper Rifles are ideal for killing something at long range. They are powerful at almost all distances, but up close they are useless, and attachments also cost slightly more for Sniper Rifles. Also, the two Bolt Action snipers are less effective in taking out multiple targets.

Tier 1: Dragunov SVD

Tier 2: L96 Artic Warfare Magnum

Tier 3: Cheytac Intervention

Tier 4: H&K PSG1

Tier 5: Barret M82A1

Tier 6: Rail Driver