"No, the infection is the will of the Gods. I cannot stop it. I can, however, offer sanctuary. Go forth, and you shall find the blessed room."

Five Dog, answering a follower's question.

"There is another way, you can fuck off"

Six Dog to WolfSquad,if they are unworthy at the time

The Five Dog Room is an easter egg within Left 4 Dead Eleventy.

Contents Edit

The Five Dog Room contains a large amount of money, a few ammo restockpiles and levelled weapons.

Graffiti Edit

"God is dead. Five Dog lives."

"How can God die? I never knew Five Dog could die."
"No, idiot, god died, not Five Dog. ima shoot you if i see you"
"GOD IS DEAD! Chuck norris died"

"Pills here!"

"Five Dog, take me away. save me from the zombies!"

"why you begging to Five Dog? He'll only help if you are worthy"


"HAHA! GOD IS NOT DE" - Next to this is a corpse of a man with a knife hanging from his jaw ridded with bullet holes. It appears that Six Dog killed him for blasphemy.

"BLASPHEMY!" - This is written in the above writters blood.

Location Edit

The Five Dog Room is guarded by numerous Special Infected and many hordes of Infected. They are the room's guardians to keep out the unworthy. It is located within SomaHara Volcano, meaning screwing up gets you burned.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a Wolf head and Six dog-paws in the left-hand corner, a reference to two of Five Dog's Followers, Werewolfhell and Sixdog (Or SixxyD as he likes to be known).
  • Coincidentally Six Dog is actually here anyway.
  • On the graffiti wall there is a dead body filled with bullet holes and knife wounds.This is the man who wrote god is not dead.
  • As of the 22/12/09 update, there is a score through the wolf head, a reference to the death of David Dwinnet. Underneath is a memorial to him. Soiling this memorial causes your save games to be erased from all 11ty's.