The Deciever is a special infected who can breathe smoke on the survivors to make them hallucinate,causing them to imagine tanks,infected,safety and other things.


Being a SomaHara Tribal,The Deciever become more advanced.His lungs have been stretched to support the smoke his body produces,his throat has melted away,and has minor skin loss,in order to keep him alive,he wears a breathing mask around his mouth and nose,and survivors can hear a Darth Vader style breathing to identify him.He is also missing an eye and a testical


The Deciever is weak and frail.He relies on stealth to approach his target,before breathing smoke on them,which causes hallucination.He also has a claw attack,it is very slow,but can be used in desperation if you miss a survivor,as The Deciever only have 5 shots of his smoke attack before he can never use it again.

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