The Survivor Base Armoury is the primary source of weapons in Left 4 Dead Eleventy.


The Survivor Base Armourys are found in Survivor Base's.they have weapons for sale and ammo refills too.

Price listEdit

Tier 1:

Basic Pistol:$5

Submachine Gun:$200

Pump Shotgun:$250

Baseball Bat:$20

Grenade Launcher:$320

Tier 2:

USP Pistol:$500

Hunting Rifle:$750

Assault Rifle:$1000

Auto Shotgun:$1250



Tier 3:

.44 Magnum:$2000

Dragunov SVD:$3500

Light Machine Gun:$4500

Heavy Attack Shotgun:$6500


Missile Launcher:$9500

Tier 4:

Desert Eagle:$10000

50.Cal Sniper Rifle:$15000

Portable Minigun:$17550

Quadruple Barrel Shotgun:$19500


RPG Launcher:$20000

Tier 5(Unlockable):

.500 Magnum:Kill 500,000 infected in total to unlock

Rail Driver:Find The Five Dog Room and have $50,000 on hand to unlock

Laser Rifle:Kill HADES without anyone taking damage or enter a code in the main menu.

Mega Barrel Shotgun:Exceed $750000

Lightsaber:Pray to Five Dog enough times at a chapel and you will be granted this weapon.

Laser Launcher:Exceed $100,0000 to be granted this weapon.