The SomaHara Tribal is an enemy that worships the infection and believes the survivors are demons sent to destory their "gods"


After the first two infections,a small band of deranged CEDA operatives stole a sample of the virus and began to worship it.Eventually they recruited many members and released the standard virus upon SomaHara Island.What they did not expect though,was the fact that Doctor Comaher would release the Comaher Virus to combat there infected.In desperation.the tribals stole samples of the new virus and managed to breed new infected,such as The Deciever and The Stalker.


  • Tribal Sniper
  • Tribal Squad Leader
  • Tribal Assassin

First Grade (Standard) The Tank / The Witch / The Smoker / The Hunter / The Boomer / The Screamer / The Charger / The Spitter / The Jockey / The Splitter
Second Grade (Comaher) The Deciever / The Stalker / The Quaker / The Spiker / The Smackdown / The Reaver / The Lobber / The Fallen / The Crusher / The Ripper
Boss Infected The Cerberus / The Juggernaut / The Leviathin / HADES
Tribals SomaHara Tribal / Tribal Sniper / Tribal Squad Leader / Tribal Assassin /
Military Military Soldier / Military Sniper / Military Medic / Military Spy / Military Big Gunner
Boss Human Tribal Leader / Military Captain / Doctor Comaher