SomaHara Island is an African Island,and the primary setting for Left 4 Dead Eleventy


SomaHara Island was a military island in the early 90's,until CEDA Closed the bases and turned it into a tropical holiday resort.

Current StateEdit

The Island was infected by Doctor Comaher,by the time WolfSquad arrives however,there are still many survivors.The Island is incredibly hot,and survivors must find a water source,and food must be scavenged from stores and the wildlife.SomaHara Island has many atractions,such as an amusement park,volcano,historical ordinance musuem and numerous hotels,streets and jungles.

After Left 4 Dead eleventyEdit

If WolfSquad lets the common infected beat the advanced infected,CEDA sends in an army to deal with the situation,losing many soldiers,but cleaning the island.SomaHara is then repopulated,and no-one acknowledges the viral outbreak.

If WolfSquad lets the Advanced Infected beat the Common infected,CEDA Drops a nuke on SomaHara Island.The island sinks below the ocean and nobody remebers what happened,