The Portable Minigun is a brutal weapon that obliterates anything in its way.The only downside is the fact the reload is a bitch.


With a capacity of 500,and a high power, you can easily spray death with this, in the hands of an assault rifle user (James), this weapon has a lesser spread ,making it very useful. If prompted Daniel Winchester will slide a tri-leg under it giving it better accuracy. But you can't move and can only turn in a limited direction.

Main Weapons
Tier 1 Submachine Gun / Pump Shotgun / Homemade Hunting Rifle / Grenade Launcher
Tier 2 Assault Rifle / Auto Shotgun / Hunting rifle / Flamethrower
Tier 3 Light Machine Gun / Heavy Attack Shotgun / Dragunov SVD / Missile Launcher
Tier 4 Portable Minigun / Quadruple Barrel Shotgun / 50.Cal Sniper Rifle / RPG Launcher
Secondary Weapons
Sidearms Basic Pistol / USP Pistol / .44 Magnum / Desert Eagle
Melee Weapons Baseball Bat / Fire-Axe / Katana / Chainsaw / Crowbar
Unlockable Weapons Laser Rifle / Laser Launcher / Rail Driver / Mega Barrel Shotgun / .500 Magnum / Lightsaber / Nuclear Catapult
Gag Weapons Rubber Hammer / Cork Gun / Toy Sword