Linda Harkinson is the team Shotgun and Explosive Expert(Addict).


Linda grew up on films such as predator,terminator and classic zombie films.She lived a quiet life (Ironic,considering she blew up her fathers car at the age of 9),she enlisted in the army at the age of 18.She displayed a natural talent for anything that goes Boom,bang or Ka-SplaterBoom!She quickly learned how to work shotguns and explosives,which were useful,considering she got hit on by almost every male in the army ("You hit on me....i hit on you.......with a bomb").She was assigned to WolfSquad after killing a building full of terroists by throwing a pipe bomb at a fuel tank.


Linda loves shotguns and explosions,and hates any other weapon.She has a playfully demented attitude,and is never serious.She is valuable to WolfSquad because of her explosives knowledge (None of the other wolfsquad members were never trained in expert explosives).

Playing StyleEdit

Anyone playing as linda should brush up a shotgun and visit an abandoned military base,she has the ability to carry 3 explosives.This can be used to an advantage,as many explosives will go un-unused outside of panic events.Her shotgun ability allows decent accuracy with shotguns and shorter reload time.

Weapon PreferencesEdit

Tier 1:Pump Action Shotgun.

Tier 2:Auto Shotgun.

Tier 3:Heavy Attack Shotgun.

Tier 4:Quadruple Barrel Shotgun.


  • She is the only character who breaks the fourth wall.She says during an elevator scene "You think those gamers can see ma' boobies?".To which only daniel responds "Uh,no."

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