James LouaeLut is the WolfSquad team medic.


James was born a brought up in southern California and throughout all of his life, he had a love of helping people. Starting at the age of 6, he would carry a small pack of bandages with him to school, and would patch up most wounds people had suffered. This gave him some extreme popularity within his hometown. Later in life, at the age of 16 he became a trainee doctor, and soon worked his way up to become the lead doctor at the local hospital. When he was 19, his hospital was attacked by terroists, and was entirely decimated, James survived with a few broken bones and severe damage to his left eye.

After this incident, he joined the army, as a field medic. Again, he worked his way up the ranks, eventually being accepted for WolfSquad at the age of 23.


James is a rather cautious person, he generally asks for searches of the entire nearby area when in a situation. At other times, he'll show bravery and courage, darting into the heat of battle to revive or heal a comrade. This usually works well, but occasionaly it doesnt work out so well.

Playing StyleEdit

Playing as James means you will have to keep a close eye on your team-mates, to see if they need help. When your team-mates get in a spot of bother, prepare to use James's enhanced speed and mobility to dart up to them and heal them, or provide them with adrenaline/pills or their enhanced variants. Luckily for you, however, James can carry two health kits (First Aid Kits or Trauma Packs),two Adrenaline or Pills AND a Defiblirator. Or, if you feel like it, you can use those 3 spaces for the healing and defib slots to carry Ammo Packs.

Weapon PreferencesEdit

Tier 1:Basic Pistol

Tier 2:USP Pistol

Tier 3:.44 Magnum

Tier 4:Desert Eagle

Tier 5:.500 Magnum

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