The Boss

"This is the only time in my life where i wish i was high..."

Six Dog, upon first seeing HADES

HADES is an Infected enemy and the secondary antagonist on Left 4 Dead Eleventy.


HADES was the product that lead to the creation of the Comaher virus. It was created when human organs were put into a shaped template, and injected with Comaher virus. This lead to the virus taking over the organs and forming a relatively humanoid shape. It was first released on October 2025 to destroy a group of Black Fist rebels. When the police arrived at the scene, the attack was taken as a "severe gas leak".


HADES uses a simple combination of punches, kicks, slams and charges. These attacks are all very powerful, and are capable of ripping apart most humans in a single atack. Cover is useless against HADES, as it is likely to smash right through where you are hiding.


HADES appears at scripted times in the story. It first appears in Chapter 2 destroying a group of U.S Rangers. It disappears soon after, until Chapter 3, where he will appear if you hunt down the Common Infected Alphas. He finally appear during Chapter 5, as the final boss in Somahara Volcano.


  • HADES seems to hate excessive heat, as it gets damaged slightly more by the Flamethrower, Molotovs and Lava from pillars that can be destroyed. Attacking HADES with fire, however, will cause it to target you.

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