Frank Matador is the Big Weapons Specialist and team strongman.


Frank was trained right from the age of 6 to be a soldier.His instructor beat him and swore at him,making him silent and violent,which was learned when he killed his instructor by throwing him in a meat grinder at the age of 13.He was in Fairfield City around the time of the first game,however,he was bitten by a tank and one of the very first infected,however,he found a cure by combining the virus Vaccine with pure vodka.He has the strenght of a tank and the speed of a normal infected on cocaine.


Frank is a silent person,only speaking to his superiors and his WolfSquad teammates.HE favors big weapons because he "likes the sound they make".His tank-like strength also makes him useful in a melee fight.

Playing styleEdit

People who play as Frank in story mode must favor big weapons,silent muscly guys and melee.His accuracy and damage is increased with all big weapons,and his strength allows him to have a fist-fight with a tank.Due to his strength,he isn't kncoked down often.But because of his build,smaller weapons,such as sniper rifles,pistols,shotguns and assault rifles are useless and he has a longer melee fatigue,having to wait 7 seconds per melee attack.Luckily,his effectiveness with melee weapons is useful,and it is entertaining to watch a tank be beaten with a baseball bat.

Weapon PreferencesEdit

Tier 1:Grenade launcher & Baseball Bat

Tier 2:Flamethrower & Fire axe

Tier 3:Standard Missile Launcher & Katana

Tier 4:RPG Launcher & Sledgehammer.

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