Doctor Comaher is a leading CEDA Doctor and the main antaganist of Left 4 Dead Eleventy.


Doctor Comaher was a militrary doctor,never done much,sat around,and the only injuries he treated were small cuts and stubbed toes.Then his big-break came.He was on tour in Iraq when he found a soldier with his stomach cut open,Doctor Comaher healed the wound,fixed the stomach,and recieved a Medics Prestige Medal (At the time,that was the rarest medal ever given to anyone that was never a soldier).He then continued to work in the army,training various medics,untill 2005,where the new kid in town,James LouaeLut,stole the spotlight.

Outraged,Doctor Comaher went to work for CEDA,assisting on various projects and the like.In 2009.He was moved to SomaHara Island for a study on strange materials wound in SomaHara Volcano.After 2 months of studying,and numerous reports of Infections in Fairfield and New Orleans.Doctor Comaher Discovered an advanced viral substance within the minerals.He modified it to be much more powerful than the Rabies virus infecting some parts of the world.

He Named this the Comaher Virus,the first tests for it proved numerous results,when used on a bird,it would die,when used on a cat,it would mutate into a 9 tentacled beast before dieing after 2 seconds.Annoyed,Doctor Comaher took to using his patients as subjects instead.The Comaher Virus greatly enhanced the basic human functions,with increased strength,speed,agility and perception.He worked on numerous tests after that.

And then,the infections truck SomaHara Island,infected were running around freely,and it was almost over,untill Doctor Comaher managed to spread the Comaher Virus around the island.The result was Advanced Infected running around the island.

Doctor Comaher,despite having his lab destroyed and his assistants butchered,Doctor Comaher managed to build something completly out of the virus,known as HADES.

Death,resurrection,and then more death.Edit

A few remaining CEDA Operatives stormed Doctor Comaher's lab and killed him,however,before death,Doctor Comaher released HADES to kill the operatives,then infected Himself with the comaher virus.He spent a small time waiting and watching over WolfSquad,until they raided his fortress in SomaHara Volcano.He escaped,and left HADES to kill WolfSquad,however,HADES was defeated by frank.Comaher attempted to escape on a helicopter.He was defetaed by James,who grabbed onto the helicopter,jumped his way to the cockpit,and shot comaher in the head,unfortunately the helicopter crashed,and James was almost dead,but he was pulled out of the wreckage by Daniel after he ran through a 100 infected horde to save james.

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