Daniel Winchester is WolfSquads team sniper and pistol expert.


Daniel lived the smooth life,going to bars,hanging out with friends,untill he witnessed a suicide bombing at his neighbourhood,killing his family and everyone he loved.He joined the military soon after,showing a mastery with sniper rifles and pistols.He was promoted to Sergeant after only 3 months of service,although his time as a sergeant was only 2 minutes long,as a WolfSquad representative told him he was a candidate to be a WolfSquad sniper,he accepted,and now spends his time tuning his sniper rifles and practising with a pistol.


Daniel is cocky at some times,and will usually makes mistakes or hesitate,he sometimes questions was he is doing is right (This was due to an operation in iraq,where he had to execute civilians to prevent the military from being blamed for interference).At other times,he is serious,although still cracks of a joke occasionaly.He is only 25,which is supported by his attire and cocky lines.

Weapon preferencesEdit

Tier 1:Homemade Hunting Rifle & Basic Pistol

Tier 2:Hunting Rifle & USP Pistol

Tier 3:Dragunov SVD & .44 Magnum.

Tier 4:50.Cal Sniper Rifle & Desert Eagle

Tier 5 (Secret,unlockable weapons):Rail Driver * .500 Magnum

Playing StyleEdit

If you play as daniel,it is advised to use a handgun (Dont worry,you get increased damage when using daniel with a pistol) to clear out the infected up close and use a sniper rifle to pick off infected from medium to very long distances.Daniel's only major flaw is that he is a prime target for SI,if they kill daniel,the long range support goes with him.


[Getting Ammuniton]:Ammo here! [Healing someone]:Hold still dammit! [Spotting a Tank]:SHIIIIIIIIIIT!TAAAAAANK! [Killing a hunter]:They infected Mercer.Those bastards.


  • He sometimes say "Hey,can i get a better gun?".This is a refrence to Clover the Slave from the bethesda videogame Fallout 3.

  • Daniels second name is a reference to the Winchester company, which produces firearms.

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