In Left 4 Dead 11ty,you start out wearing casual,unprotected gear,you can purchase new gear at stores.

Clothing VariantsEdit


WHat you start off with,this CV is basically just a form of Shirt/Tanktop(Linda) and Cargo pants

Level 1Edit

Consists of the Basic Outfit with makeshift armor plating attached.Useful for the start/middle of Chapter 1 but not much useful afterwards

Level 2Edit

Armor plating is replaced stronger leather fibre and a Vest is added.

Level 3Edit

Metal Armor plating and Kevlar vest,Kneepads are added.

Level 4Edit

Powerful,titanium plating added,shoulderpads added.

Survival ArmorEdit

Glowing,metallic armor plating,adds Helmet and allows for the ability to take only 70% of damage from a Witch.

Army OutfitEdit

Only Obtainable from helping the army in Forgive & Forget

Same Protection as Level 3 armor.

Tribal OutfitEdit

Only obtainable from helping the Tribals in F&F

Same Protection as Level 2 outfit,allows for faster run.

Infiltration SuitEdit

Same Protection as Level 4 armor,allows Wearer to sneak past all Enemies for longer without detection.

Tanker ArmorEdit

Uses the same model as the Base Fallout 3 Power armor,extremely powerful,but slows you down.

Five Dog ArmorEdit

Only Obtainable by pleasing Five Dog,doing all of his missions and praying in his room

Second strongest armor in the game,but no penalties like the Tanker Armor

Wilderness ArmorEdit

Crafted from total Platinum,Gold and Titanium,Wilderness Armor can resist up to 95% of a Witches attack,and has no penalties.Obtained after 100%-ing the game and finishing on Freakin' Insane.

SixD Super SuitEdit

This is a super suit that resists high amounts of damage (60%,nice) but also gives a 5% speed boost.As it is a Follower Armor you cannot obtain it outside of Console Commands.A notable piece of this armour is a chestplate stating N47.A reference to mass effects N7

Diving SuitEdit

Basically,very light and allows you to have a Parachute effect when jumping from heights.

Athletes OutfitEdit

Offer no protection,but allows you to run much faster,jump much further and higher and get between locations faster,very useful if you utilise speed,agility and Pistols to defeat your enemy.