The Aircraft is a Military transport that you sneak into and hijack.The craft is not a hostile but has hostile enemys inside.When escaping you ride this off the island



Later on in the story,the military will begin using these aircraft to drop soldiers directly into hostile locations.To destroy one,poition someone on an Anti Aircraft Gun and try to shoot it down,take out an Airfield or wait until one touches down and board it,then parachute off.

In multiplayer,all Military players will be dropped into the field from one of these.


The basic aircrraft,helicopters are a bit tougher than their Plane counterparts,but re easier to take down and lack a lot of firepower.To destroy one,wait until it lands on a roof,when it's deploying troops,kill the troops,jump aboard and kill the pilot.Or use a Missile Launcher,RPG Launcher or Laser launcher to shoot it outta the sky.

Military Tank (Transport) / Aircraft
Tribal Wooden Board / Assassin Zipline