"Perhaps you are a man of God? Perhaps it is consolidation that you seek? Close your eyes, my child. And open them with renewed insight. For what stands before you is not a glorified idol, revered in text and testaments. What stands before you, is Five Dog."

Five Dog.

Artist's depiction of Five Dog.

Five Dog, Quinque Canis, or The Dog Lord, is a mysterious and powerful all-seeing being. It has been said that although Five Dog can never be seen in his true form, he is always present in every situation.

It is widely known that Five Dog prefers to save lives by granting humans brief periods of courage and unstoppable strength, so they can save their fellow mortals, rather than intervening by himself. In this way, Five Dog stays out of sight and away from the attention of the general public. Only true believers in Five Dog will know when he has taken action or not.

Allegedly, Five Dog dates back to the beginning of time, performing the tasks that many believe "God" had carried out. The first recorded encounter with Five Dog was written by a Monk of the Younglin Priory in Ireland, around 1000 years ago. In the scripture, the Monk claimed that a voice, calling itself Quinque Canis had contacted him in his sleep and warned him of an inevitable Viking attack the next day. According to the Monk, had they not headed to the round tower early like they did, they would never have made it in safely.

Variations Edit


A statue of Five Dog, advising Franklin Roosevelt whilst hidden in dog form.

Although there is only one Five Dog, he can take many forms, ranging from Godly to canine. There are several forms that he tends to favour:

  • God - Used for surveying the world and watching over his protected humans.
  • Mortal - This form can be used for a wide variety of things such as relaxing or watching a protected follower from a closer perspective.
  • Canine - Five Dog uses several dog forms to watch people or watch certain events unfold. In many cases, he takes the form of the dog owned by his respective protected followers.
  • Inanimate objects - Although used sparingly, Five Dog makes use of inanimate objects to stay close to his followers. He may manifest himself as a piece of clothing, a cellular phone, a watch, or something similar to a table or a clock.

Appearance Edit

Five Dog does not actually appear in-game, but his presence is hinted at by many things.

Trivia Edit

  • Five Dog will never help you in God form in-game, but he may briefly control your allies to fight with renewed strength on your side.
  • Attempting to kill any of his followers will result in being attacked and eventually killed by The Fallen.
  • Five Dog is known to maintain a rivalry with the Christian God, hold friendships with Buddha and Prinny-Su, and keep a mutual neutrality with other Gods.
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